Development Liaison

ITheresa Richeyn April 2013, the City of Henderson created a Development Liaison position in an effort to provide assistance to developers with potential projects in the city. Theresa Richey of the Code Enforcement Division was promoted to fill this position.

The planning and zoning process sometimes includes multiple steps involving different departments and agencies. Ms. Richey’s primary duty is to help walk developers through these processes. This involves being dedicated to a potential project from the beginning until the building permit is issued. She will seek answers to questions that arise or direct the developer to the appropriate department or agency for assistance. All discussions with the Development Liaison are strictly confidential as we understand the importance of the developer’s privacy concerning potential new projects.

The City of Henderson welcomes your new business or development project. Please feel free to contact the Development Liaison should you have any questions or need assistance. We want to do all we can to make your project as easy as possible.