Sanitation Collection

City of Henderson Sanitation Division
Residential Collection

Residential Collection begins at 6:00 a.m. and must be out by that time. Schedule subject to change during holidays and summer. 

Fee: $17 fee which includes a flat $16 for sanitation and $1 for recycling

Residential Garbage Pickup Routes

  • Monday - Watson Lane to Wolf Hill Road
  • Tuesday - Second Street to Watson Lane.
  • Wednesday - East of Atkinson St. and Pkwy; south of the railroad
  • Thursday - Second Street south to Audubon, Vine, and Madison Streets
  • Friday - South of Audubon, Vine, and Madison Streets

Other items taken: small amount of limbs bundled in 4-foot lengths and small junk items. Other Items not taken: mattresses, box springs, large or heavy furniture, tires, batteries, oil, paint, chemicals, (any type of liquid), air conditioners, or refrigerators.

We also provide a backdoor pickup service for those in need.

Commercial Collection

Commercial Collection Begins at 5:00 am, Monday through Saturday.

Fee: $35 per month for one pickup per week with an additional $30 per month for each additional pickup per week.

City of Henderson has 2-yard dumpsters for sale at the City's cost plus tax.
Changes in trash schedule for holiday weeks are as follows:  
2019 Trash Schedule during the holidays: