City of Henderson Announcements

Posted on: December 5, 2017

HPD officer prevents suicide while visiting another city

Russell Bill (002)

HENDERSON, Ky. -- Officer Bill Russell of the Henderson Police Department has been recognized for his efforts in preventing a young man from jumping off a bridge in another city.

Russell was off duty and out with his family when the incident occurred. They traveling to a restaurant in another city when he missed his turn. It was raining heavily and as they traveled over a bridge he observed a car stopped in the roadway and a male leaning over the railing.

As he drove by Russell realized that it appeared this man was getting ready to commit suicide. The officer drove past and maneuvered his way back to the man while other motorists just drove on by. Russell took it upon himself to stop and try and help this man while his family called 911. He talked to this young man and found that he had just lost two people close to him recently and was contemplating killing himself because he felt he had no more to live for.

Russell went above and beyond to help someone he did not know, while out of town and off duty. His actions kept a family from losing another loved that day.

One of his accolades is being named HPD Employee of the Month for December.

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