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Posted on: May 19, 2017

HCC offering free 'soft skills'-related classes over next several weeks


HENDERSON, Ky. -- A follow-up to a "soft-skills" workshop offered recently by Kyndle, Henderson Community College and Workforce Solutions will offer a series of courses in three locations now through September.

The classes are free and take place from 2 to 4 p.m. Tuesdays. For information, call 270-831-9848.

The three locations are Audubon Kidzone (1325 Powell St.); HCC (2660 S. Green St.); Kyndle office (136 Second St., Suite 500).

Here are the topics:

"The Foundation of Success:" Learn about the foundations of communication to enhance  your skills in communicating with managers and co-workers. Some topics covered in this course include workplace norms and expected behaviors and attitudes. This workshop helps individuals at all levels of an organization work more effectively with others.

"Getting Needed Information:" Learn about the process for identifying knowledge gaps, asking focused questions, and encouraging others to share information. Also, learn how to help others verify their own understanding of what they hear.

"Speaking Clearly:" Learn about the steps in the communication model so that you may more easily deliver a clear message. Discuss the types of listening and how listening plays a vital role in the transmission of a message.

"Respond Positively to Change:" Discover how to make the most of change, rather than resisting  or just enduring change in an organization.

"Handling Emotional Situations:" Analyze tense situations and when they trigger extreme emotions; develop  appropriate coping methods so that you may better succeed at work.

"Team Work:" Learn how teams function in the workplace as well as how working as a team is beneficial in most situations.

"Managing Life Outside Work:" Learn how to focus on practical strategies for managing personal emergencies, which may prevent individuals from going to work, and for battling the many possible temptations to miss work.

Here is the schedule:

May 23: "The Foundation of Success," Kyndle.

May 30: "Getting Needed Information," Kyndle.

June 6: "Speaking Clearly," Kyndle.

June 13: "Respond Positively To Change," Kyndle.

June 20: "Handling Emotional Situations," Kyndle.

June 27: "Team Work," Audubon Kidzone.

July 11: "Managing Life Outside Work," HCC.

July 18: "The Foundation of Success," Audubon Kidzone.

July 25: "Getting Needed Information," HCC.

Aug. 1: "Speaking Clearly," HCC.

Aug. 8: "Respond Positively To Change," HCC.

Aug. 15: "Handling Emotional Situations," Audubon Kidzone.

Aug. 22: "Team Work," Kyndle.

Aug. 29: "Managing Life Outside Work," Audubon Kidzone.

Sept. 5: "The Foundation of Success," HCC.

Sept. 12: "Getting Needed Information," Audubon Kidzone.

Sept. 19: "Speaking Clearly," Audubon Kidzone.

Sept. 26: "Respond Positively To Change," Audubon Kidzone.

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