City Services

  1. Fire

    The Henderson Fire Department provides emergency fire and medical services to the residents of the City of Henderson. It also promotes fire safety education throughout the community and conducts fire suppression, fire prevention, and fire inspections.

  2. Mass Transit

    HART was created in 1957 as a publicly owned mass transit system, of which all citizens who live in the City of Henderson are part owners.

  3. Municipal Gas

    Established in 1859, the Henderson Municipal Gas System is the fifth oldest system in the United States. The system serves the natural gas needs of the City of Henderson, adjacent areas, and the City of Corydon.

  4. Municipal Power & Light

    Visit Henderson Municipal Power and Light's external website.

  5. Municipal Water

    Access Henderson Water Utility's external website.

  6. Parks & Recreation

    The Parks and Recreation Department provides leisure activities throughout the City of Henderson, and ensures that public resources are available to all members of the community. The department also operates the two local municipal cemeteries, Fernwood and Fairmont.

  7. Police

    The Henderson Police Department, in partnership with our community, is committed to improving the quality of life in our city by protecting the lives and property of the people we serve.

  8. Public Works

    The Public Works Department consists of seven divisions. They are Traffic Control, Public Way Improvement (PWI or street department), Sanitation Collection, Sanitation Disposal, Transfer Station, Central Garage, and Municipal Facilities.