New, Expanding & Relocating Businesses

The New, Expanding & Relocating Businesses brochure is currently being reviewed and updated to ensure the most current and accurate information.  Please check back soon for a link to the revised brochure.

In 2010, an extensive effort was made to create a reference guide for new business owners as well as those expanding or relocating an existing business.  The resulting brochure includes a quick reference of helpful agencies, a map showing where all the agencies are located, a guide to our GIS system, a guide to our planning and zoning process and a Confidential Emergency Information System form to help the City Police Department protect your business it it is in the city limits.

This is by no means intended to be a substitute for contact with the various local departments and agencies, but can be a guide to help you plan your time, focus your efforts, and discover the agencies that are available to help you in your business.