Located on the second floor of the City Municipal Center at the corner of First and North Elm streets, the Engineering Division is responsible for development, design, construction, and inspection of public improvement projects and is responsible for maintaining the city limit layers for the Geographic Information System (GIS). This office also provides technical engineering support for all departments of the City of Henderson and participates in weekly site review meetings

The Engineering Division reviews and approves all construction plans for residential and commercial site developments and public improvements, such as new streets and sidewalks, within proposed subdivisions constructed by private developers. Public improvements are inspected by this office during construction. Construction plans are reviewed for all developments for compliance with appropriate standards and also reviewed for vehicle access and how it relates to existing traffic patterns.


Engineering maintains records of all real estate properties owned by the City of Henderson, Henderson Municipal Power and Light, and Henderson Water Utility, and also maintains lease agreements on farm properties owned by the City of Henderson, Henderson Water Utility, or co-owned with Henderson County. 

new-bright-yellow  Permit for Construction in the Pubic Right-of-Way